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Top Upwork Jobs For Beginners With No Experience

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Finding work can be arduous, especially when you are a beginner. The challenge of finding a job as a freelancer without experience may seem impossible.

However, the process has become much easier with many new freelancing platforms like Upwork that offer work for marketers, designers, writers, and more.

However, when someone starts fresh on these websites, one of the most common questions is, which jobs are easily scored? The answer to this is straight and simple, search for jobs that require zero to very little experience and those that will put you above the competition.

Also, to land jobs with no experience, you’ll need to create a solid upwork profile, create a portfolio, set your hourly rate, work on your pitch, etc.

To learn more about the jobs you can land on Upwork as a beginner and some tips to kick-start your career, keep reading.

The 9 Easiest Jobs To Land On Upwork As A Beginner

When you begin your journey, your goal is to get used to the process and not to get overwhelmed. Also, Upwork jobs for beginners must be easy to execute yet showcase your talent and knowledge in the subject.

Most importantly, you want great reviews or feedback for your profile so that your first job opens up many more opportunities.

So, if you are looking for easy gigs to help you establish yourself on Upwork and create a great profile with positive feedback, this article lists the nine easiest jobs you must apply for.

1. Customer Service Representative

This is one of the easiest Upwork jobs for beginners, and if you are someone who has a keen eye for detail, you can ace this without any experience.

There are plenty of jobs available, with companies from all over the country hiring for national and international customer support jobs. While most of the jobs involve phone calls, there are plenty of e-mail and live chat customer service jobs as well.

Also, many jobs have an hourly requirement, so you can choose to work full-time or part-time. All you need is a professional attitude and good communication skills.

Approximate Pay: $10 to $30

2. Content Writer

With people scouring the internet all the time, looking for recipes, DIY fixes, and more, content writing is in high demand. If you enjoy writing, the job is perfect for you.

Bloggers and skilled writers often don’t have the time to research content and hire ghostwriters to do the job.

It is a great way to gain experience and polish your writing skills; plus, you get paid. Also, the payments can increase to as high as $100 per hour for 5-star-rated writers.

However, as a beginner, opt for projects under 2000 words to finish the work fast and get reviews added to your profile quickly. If you opt for novel or e-book writing, the project can take weeks or even months.

Approximate Pay: $30 to $60

3. Data Entry

It is one of the easiest jobs and requires no special skill. The job often requires you to transcribe information from a file or program.

The payment is pretty low as it is a pretty straightforward job. But you can still make decent money if you are an efficient typist.

Also, it is an excellent way to receive reviews and establish yourself, which will help open up other lines of work on the platform.

Approximate Pay: $5 to $15

4. Location-Based Jobs

One of the easiest ways to get a job is by opting for a location-based one. These jobs require the freelancer to be in a particular location or locally available. This saves the client the money they would have to spend on traveling, accommodation, and so on.

So, if you are in the required location, it cuts short the competition, and you have a higher chance of securing the job. These jobs may include checking how the client’s app works in your city, pictures of art spread across your city, and similar work.

Along the same lines, one job required mothers who could post pics with their kids and give parental advice.

Approximate Pay: $50 to $200

5. Native Language Jobs

If you have a thorough command of your native language, you can considerably cut down on competition and have a higher chance of getting the job.

These jobs typically include typing work in another language and translation. So, if you have command over French, German, Mandarin, or Arabic, besides English, this job is perfect for you.

Approximate Pay: $50 to $60

6. Transcription

Transcription involves listening to audio files and transcribing them into written documents.

The job is easy and requires no skill but can be very time-consuming and tedious. But it is perfect for beginners looking for their first job. You can make decent money if you have a reasonable typing speed.

The projects often involve large files and can fetch you a fair amount of money. Some clients offer to pay according to the audio minutes transcribed.

Approximate Pay: $12 to $22

7. Virtual Assistant

This is one of the most in-demand jobs and does not require any special skills. As long as you have basic computer skills, you can help companies schedule appointments, do data entry work, send emails, manage calendars, and answer calls. In short, you will help people complete simple tasks that they are too busy to do themselves.

The only limitations are that you may have to be available during working hours, and the job can get a bit demanding. Many busy people want to free up some time, so plenty of jobs are available.

Approximate Pay: $10 to $40 per hour

8. Voice Recording

If you have a high-quality microphone, this job is perfect for you. The job may include narration for a YouTube video, voice for an audiobook, T.V show, training video, etc.

The job becomes relatively easy to get if you have a command over many languages or need to deliver a narration in your native language.

You don’t have to be a professional voice artist; the job only requires reading a script or specific lines. The job is so easy that the bidding can get too low; however, there are plenty of voice recording assignments, so you have a good chance of being hired for one.

Approximate Pay: $5 to $50 per project

9. Website And App Testing Jobs

These are routine jobs on Upwork and involve reviewing the products of companies. The only thing is that the products are apps and websites. You may have to test their functionality or simply install new software.

The job does not require too much work; the most you may be asked to do is make a report, record what you tested, or answer a questionnaire. So, it is relatively easy, and you make decent money.

The companies are only looking for honest feedback so that they can better their product, and you do not need any expertise. Also, you can complete most jobs within 15 to 20 minutes.

Approximate Pay: $5 to $20 per task

7 Beginner Tips To Help You Land More Upwork Jobs

Scoring jobs on Upwork is mainly about high ratings and good reviews on your profile. An extensive network of people and a detailed profile will attract clients.

Also, many professionals and experienced personnel are competing for jobs, so as a beginner, you need to understand certain aspects that will help you land a job.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Create A Solid Upwork Profile

This is the most important aspect when working as a freelancer. You must provide detailed information about your services, strengths, and skills.

Convince the company that they must hire you from the hundreds or maybe thousands of applications they have received.

Make sure you add all the necessary details like education, skills, experience, languages you speak, and even hobbies and interests. You can make your profile stand out by adding other information like certifications, rewards, and employment history. Also, be sure you take the Upwork readiness test.

2. Put Together A Portfolio

Providing samples of your completed work will gain the employer’s trust, and you will have a higher chance of landing the job. This is extremely important for beginners as they have no ratings, and there is no reliable source to vouch for your work.

Also, if you are a freelancer that can work on a range of jobs, adding samples of the different types of work will help create a more impressive profile. You can also include exceptional cases that were a challenge and demonstrate how you executed the job expertly and smoothly.

3. Set Your Hourly Rate

There are many ways to set your pricing structure, but the hourly rate is the most common. So, whatever rate you enter, your job payment will be calculated, keeping that in mind. So if you have an hourly rate of $40 and work for 2 hours, your service fee will be $80.

However, getting a gig is not easy; there is too much competition, and beginners do not have any reviews. So, as a beginner, it is always better to start at a low hourly rate. Read our article to determine your Upwork hourly rate with confidence.

4. Work On Your Pitch And Proposals

Your profile must stand out from your competitors in the competitive job market. One simple way to do it is to write a proposal.

Read the job description carefully and create a sample or draft that exhibits your expertise and proves that you fit the job. Keep your communication professional and avoid mistakes.

Also, do not copy-paste the same proposal for all jobs; prepare a new one for every client. Write a winning bid to secure the job.

5. Watch Your Spending

The number of Upwork Connects you have determines the number of applications you can send. So, if you have ten Connects, you can only apply for ten jobs. The job application will be chargeable; every application after the 10th will cost you $0.15 each.

The basic accounts have 10 free connects every month, plus new accounts receive 40 connects the first time. So, do not waste your time on jobs clearly out of your league, and only apply for jobs that you have a higher chance of scoring.

6. Use Keywords When Searching

Try searching for jobs using keywords like beginners, newbies, and freshers. This will provide you with a list of jobs requiring the least skill and where the client is ready to hire a newcomer.

7. Bid Fast And Low

Upwork is highly competitive. Often, the clients are on a tight timeline. In times such as these, “the first come, first served” mantra is applicable, and the quickest bidder may receive the job. You can use extensions that notify you of job alerts according to your search history so that you learn of the position as soon as it is posted. Also, as you are a beginner, make sure you bid less.


Upwork is a freelancing platform that has millions of clients and an even higher number of freelancers. However, there is so much competition and so many skilled experts that a beginner may never receive a chance.

However, with the tips we’ve listed above and the list of easiest jobs, any freelancer can score their first gig, after which getting work becomes relatively easy. So, even if you do not have experience or marketable skills, you can still earn a reasonable amount of money through Upwork.

If you are looking for alternatives to Upwork, check out our list of 15 websites that allow you to explore jobs as a freelancer.

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